Our Process and

What to Expect

When you're interested in getting a new custom built project, what can you expect of the process?

Come up with a beautiful, functional, or fun project! - (Those are our favorite!)


1. Fill out our 'Contact Us' form with the details of your project, ideally with as much information as possible.

   - You MUST give us basic measurements, and any additional details you can provide when you fill out the form so we can give you an estimate!


2. A follow up email will be sent to you asking for inspiration pictures and with additional clarifying questions. Sometimes we end up sending a few e-mails back and forth to make sure we have all that we need in order to send you an accurate proposal. -So, the more information you can give us up front the faster this process will go! 

(There's likely going to be repeated and clarifying questions)


3. After you approve the estimated price range, we send the proposal to you, then you review all of the details and respond with any changes. 


4. Pay the 50% retainer, and then we will add your project to our calendar, and schedule a site visit closer to the project date if needed.


5. Once the project is near completion we communicate the expected projected delivery window and coordinate any remaining details.


6. We deliver/install the project and you love the project and share about it on social media or Nextdoor!


FAQs Answered


Helpful Things to Know

- We are often booked 2-5 months out depending on the time of year.

- If you have a strict budget, it is best to let us know that upfront so we can better recommend materials and designs to stick to your budget. 

- The more detail you can send us, the quicker the process will move; but if you need help figuring out your project, let us know! We love helping with the creative process!

- We do site visits if needed after we have a retainer paid.

- The BEST part of custom made furniture is getting it to be everything you dream in the exact size that fits your space!

- We cannot provide a price estimate without basic measurements from you. 

- Because we are such a small business we are unable to do site visits for clients before they pay their 50% retainer.

- Material shortages are causing delays with some of our projects. We do our best to prepare and prevent this from being an issue, however sometimes we simply cannot get the stuff we need for projects and it causes delays.

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Licensed Bonded 

and Insured!

We are located in MD but serve the whole DMV area!


We are licensed, bonded, and insured for all of our projects!