What's our story?
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BuilderChicks was started in 2016 as a part-time side hobby by two best friends Amy and Krista in Washington, DC.


Amy got a Bachelors degree in Career and Technical Education and was a Woodshop teacher (among other fun classes) for 10 years. She also got a Masters degree in Educational Leadership before shifting to being a property manager in DC. Amy always joked about owning her own furniture store with her high school students, but never really considered the possibility of making it a business of her own.

Krista went a very different route to entrepreneurship and got a Bachelors degree in Communications and Marketing. Loving the blend of creativity and understanding people, she pursued Marketing and First Impressions, focusing on bringing visions and dreams to reality for over 10 years. After several years, she also got two Masters degrees in Business Administration and Leadership.

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Both Amy and Krista joke about the level of education they have between them for now owning their own "blue-collar" company... And they love every bit of the uniqueness of their story.


In 2018 Amy began talking with Krista about leaving her job and switching to BuilderChicks full-time, so Krista put into motion helping Amy figure out all the things needed to make the switch. Together they started dreaming up what life would be like with this new creative adventure. By the end of 2018, Krista was looking for a new full-time job, and ultimately decided to also pursue BuilderChicks full-time with Amy because nothing else brought the same level of dreaming and excitement to either of them. 

We have had quite the crazy, incredible, unbelievable first few years!

In 2019, BuilderChicks was launched officially and both Krista and Amy began working full-time! However, just six months in, Krista suffered a massive work injury and almost completely cut off three fingers on her right hand. Amy spent the next six months running BuilderChicks almost entirely solo while Krista focused on surgeries, physical therapy, and regaining as much use of her hand as possible!

In 2020 BuilderChicks was shutdown for several months due to the pandemic because they were classified as non-essential. So, they spent as much time as possible lining up projects for when they were allowed to start working again!

Then, at the start of 2021, BuilderChicks moved to Maryland (although retained their DC licensing) in order to gain a larger garage space, and hopefully continue to grow! Now we are trying to grow and get larger! 

We are in the News!
Unique Woman Touch

We believe that men and women have unique views and perspectives on every project. - Both are valuable and useful!

But, the reality is that there are very few women in the building industry (between 1-2%), so we love the chance to highlight the unique perspective that we offer to projects because we're women! 

Excellence and Quality

Because we love what we do, we take a great deal of pride in providing top quality service and products to our clients. 

We don't cut corners or use cheap materials that will break down. We make things to last! - If we find one of our materials used is poor quality we replace it (and likely stop using it too).

Our hope is to help bring your inspiration, needs, and creative solutions to life! We love what we do, and we enjoy the challenges this business offers us!